Variable Stars

Coordinator: Grigoris Maravelias

The Working Group deals with observations of variable stars, i.e. those stars that show variability in their luminosity either due to intrinsic or extrinsic factors.

Activities of the WG include: obtaining observations through visual photometry and optical imaging, organizing observing campaigns, participating in professional-amateur projects, performing data analysis, writing reports, publishing works in national and international conferences and scientific journals.

Selected publications

  • Littlefield et al. 2019, The Rise and Fall of the King: The Correlation between FO Aquarii’s Low States and the White Dwarf’s Spindown, arXiv190411505
  • Boyajian et al. 2018, The First Post-Kepler Brightness Dips of KIC 8462852, ApJ, 853L, 8
  • Maravelias et al. 2012, Report From the epsilon Aurigae Campaign in Greece, JAVSO, 40, 679
  • Kloppenborg et al. 2012, A Demonstration of Accurate Wide-field V-band Photometry Using a Consumer-grade DSLR Camera, JAVSO, 40, 815

Articles related to the WG: