Solar Observations

Coordinator: Iakovos Strikis

Solar Active Region in Ha' line by Iakovos Strikis
Solar Active Region in Ha’ line by Iakovos Strikis

The Working Group on “Solar Observations and Records” focus on the study of Solar activity at all levels, from the history of Solar observations in antiquity up to the modern telescopes and cameras that are available today to amateur astronomers in the world.

Aim of the WG is to attract amateur astronomers in the observation of Solar spots in the “white light”, in hydrogen (Ηα) and the calcium lines, of explosive phenomena, and the set up of a database for all kinds of observations and records related to the Sun.

For any information regarding with the activities of the WG on Solar Observations and Records do not hesitate to contact with the coordinator at:

jdstrikis at gmail. com  (remove spaces)

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