Coordinator: Emmanuel (Manos) I. Kardasis

The Working Group deals with systematic observations of the planets of the Solar system. The observations are archived and used to study the planetary atmosphere dynamics. Our works are presented in national (Greek) and international conferences along with papers published in scientific journals. An important activity of the section is to promote professional-amateur collaborations and engage amateurs to the planetary imaging. Additionally, the planets of the Solar system are an indispensable part during our outreach events, both as part of the presentations and of the public viewing.

Selected publications

  • Peralta et al. 2019, Morphology and Dynamics of Venus’s Middle Clouds With Akatsuki/IR1, GeoRL, 46, 2399
  • Kardasis et al. 2018, Jupiter’s banded pattern changes in the 0.89μm band, EPSC, 12, 270
  • Kardasis 2017, Digital amateur observations of Venus at 0.9μm, EPSC, 11, 405
  • Kardasis et al. 2016, The need for professional-amateur collaboration in studies of Jupiter and Saturn, JBAA, 126, 29
  • Kardasis et al. 2015, Spreading the passion for scientifically useful planetary observations, EPSC, 10, 707
  • Kardasis 2013, Digital daylight observations of the planets with small telescopes, EPSC, 8, 795

Articles related to the WG:

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