The association


We aim to develop individuals that can contribute with scientific products to the science of Astronomy.


We advocate the systematic study of celestial objects through the appropriate research techniques. We provide training to any interesting individual (e.g. amateur astronomer, citizen scientist, student) to achieve scientifically valuable results. We strongly support and encourage the professional-amateur collaborations in the form of data exchange and analysis. Furthermore, we systematically promote Astronomy through dedicated activities for a wide range of audiences, from the general public, to students at all levels, and dedicated amateur astronomers.


We are open to any interested individual or legal entity to join if they agree to the goals of the association (the communication is done in Greek).


The Hellenic Amateur Astronomy Association was founded in 2003 by a small group of amateur astronomers with a keen interest in observational Astronomy and a profound will to contribute to Science. The motivation for its foundation was the lack of a formal entity in Greece that could host and popularize this approach, similar to the legacy of other well-established clubs, such as the British Astronomical Association (since 1890) and the American Association of Variable Star observers (since 1911). The structure of our organization is based on a number of working groups that focus to the study of a specific celestial objects. Throughout the years, the systematic work of these groups has managed to influence the local community, and it is common nowadays to have for example hands-on workshops or amateurs obtaining valuable observations.

Legal status

The Hellenic Amateur Astronomy Association is an independent and non-profit organization, registered in 2003 in Greece. It is mainly self-funded but welcomes additional funding that can help the realization of its goals. Believing in the free dissemination of knowledge all of our activities are characterized by free and open access.

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