Suggesting activities for the isolation period

The ongoing pandemic of Covid-19 has postponed or cancelled almost any kind of activity. As a result the majority of people (and not only in Greece) is staying at home and internet is serving as the main means of entertainment, education, and work. Although we certainly held regular meetings in person for both our members and the general public, we have been active in many other ways that can offer getaways during this period.

In this post we have gathered a few items that you may find interesting to check. Our mission is to popularize Observational Astronomy and the scientific contribution to Astronomy, through a wide range of activities. As we target the Greek community most of our content is, naturally, in Greek. Our English site (still under development) contains information regarding our activities that would be potentially beneficial to the global community, such as our publications.

Citizen Science projects

We have created a dedicated page to collect and highlight all (possible) Citizen Science projects related directly to Astronomy. This way you can start contributing to Science from the convenience of your home.

Observational Projects

We are working on a number of projects, such as exoplanets, variable stars, planets, meteor, etc (see Research and Working Groups for more details). Currently there are two major ongoing projects: the EE Cephei eclipse, and the latest Venus elongation.

EE Cep light curve 2014
The light curve of EE Cep during the 2014 eclipse.


Although our YouTube‘s content is mainly in Greek (again), you can still find some interesting videos from our activities and some talks in English.

A summary of the Hellenic Amateur Astronomy Association’s activities to develop new contributors to the science of Astronomy.

And take a look also at our videos on our site!

For our members and more

We plan to organize a series of online workshops and talks for our members and the public in general (which will be available in Greek). The schedule is not set yet, but we will provide an overview of our activities.

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