Poster on solar observations of the FeXIV/FeX line ratio

During the 13th European Solar Physics Meeting (held in Rhodes, Greece, September 12-16, 2011), we had the opportunity to present our work on spectroscopic observations of the Sun.

Observations of FeXIV/FeX line ratio during the extended Solar minimum (2006-2010) total Solar eclipses

Strikis Iakovos-Marios, Kouloumvakos Athanasios, Patsourakos Spiros

During the last four eclipses we were able to image the spectrum of the Solar Chromosphere and the Solar Corona. We report the drop of the FEXIV line intensity and the rise of the FeX line until the eclipse of 2009 and the rise of the FeXIV and from of FeX line during the total solar eclipse of 2010 from the Island of Mangaia (Cook Islands). As a result of our observations we will present that the Temperature of the Solar Corona is following the Solar Cycle and the Sunspot Cycle. In the end we attribute that the rise of the FeXIV line indicates that the new Solar Cycle has already started between the end of 2009 and beginning of 2010.

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