EPSC 2013: Digital daylight observations of the planets with small telescopes

During the European Planetary Science Congress 2013 (Sep 8-13, 2013, London, UK) we presented the following work:

Digital daylight observations of the planets with small telescopes

Emmanuel (Manos) I. Kardasis

Planetary atmospheres are extremely dynamic, showing a variety of phenomena at different spatial and temporal scales, therefore continuous monitoring is required. Amateur astronomers have provided the astronomical community with a great amount of observations, some of which are unique, made under difficult observational conditions. When the planets are close to the sun, observations can only be made either in twilight or in broad daylight. The use of digital technology in recent years has made feasible daytime planetary observing programs. In this work we present the methodology and some results of digital daylight observations (DDO) of planets obtained with a small telescope (11inches, 0.28 m). This work may motivate more observers to digitally observe the planets during the day especially when this can be important and unique.

You can find the poster either from a local file (Kardasis-EPSC2013.pdf), or from the EPSC site (2013, EPSC, 8, 795).

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