Contributions to the Europlanet workshop “Touching the Planets, Evaluating Excellence”

The Europlanet Society has organized a series of workshops and meetings dedicated to outreach and best practice. During 2018 (July 2 and 3) they organized the workshop “Touching the Planets, Evaluating Excellence” in Athens. The goal of this particular workshop was the demonstration of a toolkit (Europlanet Evaluation Toolkit) appropriate for evaluating outreach activities, as well as practical experience in using the proposed methods.

The first day was devoted to presentations by participants, where they showcased outreach activities and evaluation processes. In total there were 7 talks, targeting students of various ages (pre-school to high-school students) as well as the general public. Among these there were two presentations by members of our club: “Evaluating Star Nights in Mojito Beach Bar in Rhodes island” by Iakovos Strikis, and “Developing new contributors to Astronomy” by Grigoris Maravelias. (The talks are available through our YouTube channel and you can see them below).

During the second day we focused in the application of some evaluation tools. The test case was our visit to the historical building of the National Observatory of Athens at Nymphs’ Hill (Thissio) the previous night.

The central building of the National Observatory of Athens on top of Nymphs’ Hill at Thissio.

A significant part of the workshop was devoted to discussions for exchanging experiences and promoting collaborations. In total, this workshop provided the participants the unique opportunity to communicate their own perspective with respect to Astronomy outreach, to receive feedback, and valuable knowledge on how to evaluate their own activities.

Practicing various evaluation methods.
Learning the various evaluation techniques.

Photographs / Video: Grigoris Maravelias and Iakovos Strikis.

A few more pictures illustrating HAAA’s members by Stelios Kleidis (more can be found at the official site of the Europlanet Society).

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