For schools

With time we have systematically developed an educational activity by organizing astronomical events targeting students across all levels (e.g. Voutyras et al. 2013; Kardasis et al. 2015).

For example, within three years (2013-2017) we organized 18 activities for schools and other educational institutes (approximately 6 activities per year). Due to the lack of proper education in the field of Astronomy in the Greek educational system, these activities for schools or for other (according to the age) groups play a crucial role in covering basic needs regarding Astronomy. In all cases, we are able to adjust our approach according to the needs (age, background knowledge, duration).

The preparation and the realization is also done by university students who have participated in the past in International Olympiads on Astronomy and Astrophysics. Those, as well as selected members of the HAAA, have also helped to the preparation of younger participants to the local competition and the International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics.

One of the highlights is an event held at the Special Elementary School for Deaf (in Pefki, Attica). Unfortunately, many astronomical terms, such as the Universe and the comet, do not exist in the Greek sign language. Therefore, prior to the event we had a thorough discussion with a translator in order to create these new words and use them during the activity.

We have to stress the non-profit and free access approach that characterizes all activities, as well as the volunteering contribution of our members.

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