For our members

Upon enrollment to HAAA our members have instantly access to a number of activities and benefits.

  1. We have monthly meetings for our members, usually held every Sunday which is closer to full Moon. Typically we have one or two talks from our members and an open discussion follows.
  2. We also have monthly observing excursions around the region of Attica, held every Saturday which is closer to new Moon. At the same time, we organize observing meetings within the city of Athens, especially during important events.
  3. They join special interest meetings, such as how to set up a telescope and use equipment, observational methods, data analysis.
  4. The members have access to a dedicated mailing list which is used for discussions, exchange of experiences, announcements, and observing proposals.
  5. Dedicated Facebook page (​ which supplements our communication and members’ interaction.
  6. Access to our website and to writing articles for the website and other materials.
  7. Access to a lending library containing approximately 80 books related to Astronomy and more than 100 magazines.
  8. Access to common astronomical equipment and telescopes of the association.
  9. Access to databases with observations for further analysis and studies.

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