The realization of any vision can be achieved only through certain actions. Therefore, we have set a number of specific goals that can lead to our vision. To ensure their implementation we have formally included them in our statute.

The immediate goal of the HAAA is the systematic study and promotion of the observational amateur Astronomy in Greece, as well as the contribution to the understanding and the approach of the general public to the astronomical phenomena, within the framework of the science of Astronomy. In particular:

2a. To develop and promote in Greece the observational amateur Astronomy and its operational methodology, according to the framework described above.

2b. To coordinate and realize astronomical observations, followed by their archiving, evaluation, and analysis with the possibility of publication.

2c. To make available the obtained observation and conducted research results to astronomers, educators, and students.

To achieve the goals describe above we implement a wide range of activities aiming at all possible audiences, from our members to the general public, students, the local amateur community, the local and international professional community.

An indicative list of the means we use is:

  • The organization all sort of educational activities (e.g. talks, hands-on workshops, seminars) that are related to the observational approach of Astronomy and Astronomy in general – these may target members-only events and all interested individuals as well.
  • The publication of all kinds of printed and online material (e.g. journals, newsletters).
  • The formation of working groups on specific objects to promote them, perform studies, and publicize the results to national and international conferences, peer-reviewed journals.
  • The networking and collaborations with national and international entities and individuals that are related with Astronomy.
  • The participation to various observing campaigns and projects of astronomical interest.

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